Design County - British Display Society E-Magazine ‘VM Spotlight’ (Summer Edition)

BDS News - VM Spotlight Issue SUMMER 2020

Un altro bellissimo articolo from UK dedicato a DESIGN COUNTY - SUMMER 2020 Edition of new VM Spotlight Magazine. Grazie alla British Display Society di DESIGN COUNTY è MERMBRO da oltre 2 anni, per aver dedicato spazio a Progetti di Design nel settore Retail, ideati per l'Estate 2020.

Another beautiful article from UK talking about Design County: Summer 2020 Edition of our new VM Spotlight Magazine British Display Society. Thanks to the BRITISH DISPLAY SOCIETY of which Design County is a Member, for having dedicated a beautiful Article to our Design & Retail Projects. In these graphic sketches, there is the essence of all this and of the Nautical Style. All Window Displays propose the Fashion Products: Women, Men and Children. The Sea becomes an elegant Mood Board for these Shop. Materials, Scenographies, Backdrops and the Window Sticker are an essential elements, which make it possible to create a realistic effect. Silvia uses all the symbols of the Sea, thus creating a perfect atmosphere that combines well with the products on Window Display. The meaning is very Funny and Evocative.


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